Dinner 17/08/2005

We had dinner at another food hall last night. We chose our dishes with sharing in mind. I chose char kway teow (with chicken), which was really tasty. I was surprised and pleased at the generous amount of chicken included, and the whole dish had been fried in pork fat just as it should be. Thank goodness I told the guy to put the chilli on the side – damn, it was hot! It would’ve made the dish inedible if it was all through it, as I’m a complete chilli wuss. Once I realised how hot it was I spent the rest of the meal pushing the kway teow away from the chilli as I ate. They used the fatter type of kway teow, which Jac really likes. We both enjoyed this dish, and I will definitely order it again sometime. AU$6.50.

Char kway teow with chicken

Jac ordered teriyaki fish, which came with salad, rice and a bowl of miso soup. She usually orders a small serve (AU$6.50), but as we were going to share, she got the large (AU$8.50), which has two more pieces of fish and more salad. The fish is really thinly sliced (or maybe flattened, I couldn’t tell), the batter is one of the tastiest ever, and the teriyaki sauce is really good, just the right balance of sweet and savoury. Jac is a real sauce-fiend and mops it up like her life depends on it, so I could’ve done with more sauce (you can see in the photo there was a reasonable amount provided – it still wasn’t enough, with the way Jac drank it down!) A worthy rival to my champion teriyaki chicken. I ate half the rice with two pieces of fish, while Jac ate the rest of the fish and rice, most of the salad and all the miso. For some reason, I’ve never liked miso. I haven’t had it since the first time I tried it – I found it that disagreeable I haven’t wanted it since, so I couldn’t possibly remember in detail what it is about it that turns me off. I do know I don’t even like the smell of it. Anyway, we enjoyed our dinner very much.

Teriyaki fish, salad, rice, miso soup

This particular food hall is not our favourite one, but has a good selection of stalls – Indonesian, Chinese 1 (barbecue), Chinese 2 (with the typical stuff like satay beef, sweet and sour pork etc), Roast, Curry, a Drinks Stall that makes good milkshakes (as Jac will tell you), a fish and chips stall that also sells freshly made crepes, cake and coffee and Italian gelato (yes, all at one stall) and of course the Japanese.

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