Dinner, 16/08/2005

Boneless and skinless chicken thighs, encrusted in lemon pepper and panfried, served with fluffy garlic mashed potato and steamed carrots and green beans. I always want to have garlic mashed potato now, whenever we make it at home – it’s much more delicious than plain. And it’s so easy to make too – we boil the potatoes with a couple of whole peeled cloves of garlic in the saucepan, and when the potatoes are done, garlic and potatoes are mashed together. All the usual stuff is added then, butter, seasoning, a touch of milk (soy, in our household). Mmmm. Pixel staked out the leftover chicken thighs as they cooled in the frying pan, as usual. It would’ve been interesting to see if she would actually eat lemon pepper chicken, as it is kind of spicy (it wouldn’t surprise me at all, as she is a real garbage guts who eats just about anything – we’re talking about a cat who nibbles on the lettuce out of the shopping, and is quite partial to Smith’s crisps and tinned corned beef), but I didn’t give her anything.

Lemon pepper chicken, garlic mashed potato and veg

And it’s my Mum’s birthday today! An August birthday extravaganza is coming up on the weekend.

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