Dinner, 14/08/2005

As promised, here are the food photos from Jac’s mum’s birthday dinner.

Here’s the chunk of roast pork, before carving.

Roast pork

Savannah (6) and Max (2 )’s dinners. Savannah’s plate was a pink Barbie one, Max’s was a Teletubbies one.

Kiddies' dinners

The cauliflower cheese was deliciously rich and creamy.

Cauliflower cheese

Jac parboiled the potatoes, and then finished them off in the oven, in the same tray as the pork, i.e. they were roasted in pork fat/drippings. The black, almost treacley-looking stuff there is tray-scrapings, just lovely – salty, rich and fatty. I think potatoes roasted in pork drippings are heavenly. But what I’d like to try sometime is roast potatoes done in goose fat, Two Fat Ladies-style.

Roast potatoes

Here’s the platter of carved up roast pork. We drowned our pork in hot gravy (I haven’t taken a picture of the gravy boat – it wasn’t very photogenic).

Carved roast pork

A dish of pork crackling.

Pork crackling

My plate, round one (I enjoyed two spectacular rounds of face-stuffing).

My plate

The birthday cake.

Birthday cake

The birthday cake was a homemade cookies and cream cheese cake. The base was made from crushed teddy bear biscuits (I quite liked the idea of eating something made from the carcasses of tiny teddies – Jac’s brother did a good job with the crushing!). The cookies in the cake were crushed Oreos. The cake itself was a white chocolate cheese cake. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as sickly sweet as I imagined, but it was definitely rich… reeeeeeeeeally goooooood. I’m getting the recipe and can post here if any of you are interested (let me know).

Cookies and cream cheese cake

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