Return to Yoko’s (and computer grumbles)

Today, M, L and I went to Yoko’s for lunch again.

M and L had the sashimi bento set (AU $16.90). From the menu: “Sliced ocean fresh raw salmon, karaage, mixed crumbed prawn, fish and veges and fresh salad served with steamed rice”. The crumbed goodies were covered with that yummy ‘baby’ mayonaise, and the karaage (fried chicken) was covered with barbecue sauce. The bento sets each came with a bowl of miso soup, and as a lunch time special we each scored a bottle of Azzurrina still spring water for free, to wash it all down. Oh, and the square section in the centre contains soy sauce.

Sashimi Bento

My lunch – Yoko’s Tori Teriyaki Bento (AU$16.90) “BBQ tender boneless teriyaki chicken, sliced ocean fresh raw salmon, karaage, fresh salad, served with steamed rice”.

Yoko's Teriyaki Tori Bento

A closer look at the girls’ crumbed and deepfried goodies and those lashings of mayonaise and barbecue sauce. For some reason the camera flash didn’t go off when I took this picture, so it’s kind of dull compared to the others. Oh well.

Crumbed and deepfried goodies, close-up

A close-up of my chicken karaage. The fresh salad is underneath, lightly dressed.

Chicken karaage, close-up

The teriyaki chicken was tender (the menu did not lie!) and it sat in a pool of yummy, syrupy sauce.

Teriyaki chicken

I’m not a fan of raw fish at all. It’s not the thought of the raw that puts me off, I just don’t like how it tastes or feels. I offered my sashimi to the girls. In turn, I helped L finish off her chicken karaage (well, you know, you have to help your friends in times of need :-D). Jac asked why the fish had that two-toned look. Maybe the juice from the lemon had started to cook it? I don’t know.

Salmon sashimi

We went to Yoko’s because I needed to go to the post office a few shops down to get postage and packaging for my misbehaving computer case front fan. Yep, despite my intricate case fan manipulation, the annoying clicking noise returned overnight. I think the part of the fan which holds the LED lights is on loose or is warped or something, and after prolonged periods of spinning, the LED spokes end up on an angle and thus come into contact with the spinning fan blades, making the annoying and increasingly loud clicking. I’m now sent it back to the place of purchase via registered post. Fingers crossed they send me a replacement relatively quickly. I’m running the pc without that front fan for now, and it’s not too bad, the hard disk drive, which would be in the direct path of the fan’s airflow, is only a couple of degrees higher at present.

Back to Yoko’s – we all really enjoyed our lunch. The service was good and the food came out really quickly, and all together. I think I’ve become addicted to that chicken karaage with barbecue sauce.

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