Birthday breakfast

This morning, we went over to Jac’s mum’s place for Jac’s brother Brad’s birthday breakfast. We brought along our electric banquet frying pan and our aprons (incidentally, the aprons were made by Jac’s mum!) and got to work in the kitchen. Jac fried the many rashers of bacon in the electric fry pan, and fried the sausages (chunky chicken ones from Lenards). The bacon was really good – a perfect balance of meat and streak. The sausages had a tasty flavour and a nice meaty, firm texture. They were really quite large, so Jac sliced them in half when they were cooked (I ate two halves anyway). Jac heated up the baked beans (Heinz baked beans in tomato sauce, of course) on the stove. I was in charge of making scrambled eggs, which I made using Jac’s mum’s chooks’ eggs. They had huge yolks, and as you can see, the scrambled eggs turned out really yellow. There was also a choice of toasted or untoasted fresh white and multigrain bread. I ate two slices of soft white bread spread quite generously with butter. Yum.


We also brought along a fruit platter, which we had after the fry-up.

Fruit platter

Brad’s fiancee Kelsie (Brad and Kelsie are Savannah’s parents) made a chocolate mud cake, which was very chocolatey and moist – definitely muddy! No recipe for the cake – it was made from a box mix (White Wings, I think). Definitely recommended, especially if you love chocolate.

Chocolate mud cake

I didn’t have a slice of the mud cake myself, but I stole a bite from Jac’s slice after I took a photograph of it, before I handed it over to her. It was very good. Brad was looking forward to eating the rest of the cake later at home with a tall glass of cold milk. Mmmm.

Chocolate mud cake

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