Japanese lunch

While we were out today, we had a hankering for sushi. We got a Deluxe Nigiri Sushi Pack to share. I’m not a raw fish fan, and so Jac ate all the seafoody ones. I ate the inari (stuffed beancurd skin) and the tamago (omelette) .

Deluxe Nigiri Sushi Pack

We also shared this pack of chicken sushi. It was really chunky and moist with generous slatherings of mayonaise. When the sushi filling is as tasty as this I don’t even need to dip it into soy sauce.

Chicken Roll Sushi

And of course, our favourite, chicken karaage with bbq sauce and mayonaise.

Chicken Karaage

When we got home I switched on the pc only to get an error when it booted up – my motherboard’s chipset fan was not spinning at all! ARRRGH! This is the replacement fan for the original failed fan, so you can imagine how annoyed I was! I powered the pc down and took a closer look. I found a couple of small dust balls (definitely balls!) in the fan, which I carefully removed, hoping that was the cause of the problem. Thankfully, the chipset fan worked when I switched the pc back on. The pc and fan have been running well for a few hours, so fingers crossed it was just a dust problem which has now been fixed (the chipset fan is very small, so I can see how the presence of dust balls could stop it spinning). While the pc was off I took the opportunity to clean the three case fans too: I have one front (intake), two rear (exhaust). I plan take the pc apart one of these days and clean it all up nicely with a can of compressed air. As a photographer of food my enemy is steam, and as a computer nerd my enemy is dust.

I’m seriously thinking about replacing the replacement fan with one of these though. Quite a few people with the same motherboard have switched to the Zalman chipset cooler and are very happy with it. The only thing that’s making me hesitate is my hot study – I don’t know if passive cooling will do the job in a warm, stuffy room on hot Perth summer days. Perhaps what I need to do (let’s hope nothing fails in the meantime) is save up for an air-conditioner for the study. It’s just one thing after another with this computer. Grrr. In other computer-related news, I now have the pc plugged into a UPS (I have the 1000VA model), and after waiting about three weeks for stock, I’ll be receiving one of these via courier next week. Hee hee. It’s just a drawer for my case. It doesn’t do anything really. Just a little extra case bling.

Some of you may ask why I need to use a UPS. Well, we tend to get these very short (less than 5-seconds) power outages, mainly at night or early morning. It’s long enough for the computer to shut down abruptly and the VCR timer to be reset to 00:00 (that’s so annoying!). I’ve been concerned about hard drive corruption or other damage caused by these regular outages, and so after lots of research and saving up for it, I finally got the UPS. My pc tends to be on for long periods at a time and definitely overnight, so it’s good knowing that I’ve got backup power that will allow the pc to be powered down properly in the event of a power outage. I’ve got it set up to automatically power the computer down properly after about 5 minutes if the power doesn’t come back on.

That’s enough computer-related crap. I’m tired, and might go to bed shortly. It is still so hot. The next house we get must have ducted air-conditioning.

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