Fish and chips

This week, there I heard a report on the radio on the best fish and chip shops in Perth. And then in Wednesday’s episode of 7th Heaven Lucy’s husband Kevin’s brother Ben (the fireman who used to date Mary) bought fish and chips for his date, a British doctor.* Not surprisingly, I developed a severe case of fish and chips on the brain and decided last night to go buy some for my dinner. And here’s a picture of my fish and chips, fresh from our local fish and chip shop. I like my fish and chips salted only – no vinegar! And I like a dish of tomato sauce to dip my chips into.

Fish and chips

*Yes, Channel Ten is now showing 7th Heaven at noon on weekdays. And yes, quite embarrassingly, I like watching it. I don’t know why, I just do, okay?! Hahaha. On days I work at home, I take my lunch break and noon so that I can eat and watch 7th Heaven at the same time (previously, I had a noon lunch break so I could watch Murder, She Wrote). It’s quite annoying, actually that Channel Ten used to air 7th Heaven in the 6:30pm slot on Saturdays. When the AFL season started, they showed the footy matches and didn’t reschedule 7th Heaven. As a result, there have been big gaps in the seasons/episodes shown, and I haven’t seen at least three or four seasons (right now, Channel Ten has skipped to the current and final season, 10). Grrr.

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