Cold meats and salad

This meal was yummy: cold barbecued chicken (my favourite parts, the thigh and drumstick*), cold sliced pork sausage, homemade potato salad, sliced swiss brown mushrooms, grape tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce. To the left is a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Cold meats and salad

*Whenever I have a quarter chicken from Chicken Treat or Charcoal Chicken or Red Rooster I always ask for a leg, which means I will get the thigh and drumstick. I love dark meat; especially with barbecued chicken I find that the light meat gets too dry and is quite tasteless. If I don’t ask for a leg I almost always end up with the breast and wing which I find to be inferior in both flavour and moistness. In general I don’t mind chicken wings (probably because they are just about all skin, yum!), but when part of a barbecue chook they end up way, way overdone. Overdone/overhard/overcrisp chicken wing + tasteless dry chicken breast = not very good value for money!

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