Sausages, eggs and toast

I’m not sure when we had this breakfast, but here’s the photo anyway. We ran out of sliced bread, but found some hamburger buns in the fridge and toasted them. The sausages are British pork ones. Jac fried my eggs just how I like them, with soft yolks. She ate her egg (she has one, while I like to have two) with worchestershire sauce, while I just cracked black pepper over mine. I must say toasted burger buns are great for mopping up gooey egg yolk and remnants of smokey barbecue sauce (which goes perfectly with pork sausages!).

Sausages, eggs and toast

If this photo makes people like M (see the first comment for the recent donut post) cringe and feel the need to be preachy about how unhealthy I/we must be, I really don’t want to hear it. We do enjoy our food. We eat out, order in and cook at home. We do eat some junky, fatty stuff. Yes, my diet features a hell of a lot of meat. I don’t feature photos of everything I eat, just what I deem to be the most photogenic and the food porniest (interpret that how you will). If my food photographs disgust you, please don’t visit this site again. I’d much prefer that to flamey comments.

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