Another week

I am sooooooo glad it’s the Easter break. It’s been a very busy and exhausting week (I guess they all are, these days).

I forgot to upload and post the photo of the chocolate rice bubble slice Jac bought at the fair last weekend. It was more sugary than chocolatey – like, really REALLY sugary. Much too sweet for me. But Jac liked it, and took it to her work for munching on.

Chocolate rice bubble slice

On Sunday we had a fry-up for breakfast. Jac panfried some mushrooms with a touch of butter and lovely big slices of garlic.

Panfried garlic mushrooms

Such an unhealthy breakfast, but so so sooo good. Here’s my plate, featuring some of those yummy mushrooms, two fried eggs with freshly cracked black pepper (with runny yolks, ready to for bursting), two beef sausages drizzled with smokey barbecue sauce and a couple of lightly buttered toasted crumpets.

Sausages, fried eggs, buttered crumpets and panfried garlic mushrooms

And sometime during the week, I had a craving for spaghetti bolognaise, and Jac was happy to cook some up for me. Yeah yeah, there is pasta buried under that pile of meaty sauce. It was organic, wholemeal fettucine.

Spag bog

One of my lunches at uni this week was curry laksa (AU$6.50). Usually I have chicken laksa (AU$5.90). The chicken laksa has chicken, tofu, bean sprouts and the two kinds of noodles (rice and egg) in the soup. The curry laksa has all those things plus a couple of fat prawns and sliced fish cake too.

Curry laksa

I had a meeting with my PhD supervisor today. We went to one of the coffee shops on campus and she bought me a cup of tea. I wanted plain old English breakfast tea with soy milk, but they were out of soy milk. I had a cup (well, one of those latte glasses, actually) of green tea instead. How do people drink that stuff?! It was so bitter! I guess I should’ve asked for some honey or something. I had to utilise supreme facial muscle control to stop myself from making faces every time I took a sip. It was kind of like the first time I drank VB. I was like 15 or something. I remember thinking excitedly before I tasted it, “Coooool, I’m going to drink beer!” and then afterwards, “Oh my god, is it supposed to taste so awful?” Heheh. I still think VB tastes awful!

Anyway, the meeting went very well. Somehow, quite miraculously, I am still managing to keep on schedule (this may or may not have something to do with my lack of a social life). Oh, and I was so busy this week I didn’t make it to Boffins for the Kylie Kwong book signing :-(.

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