I signed up and paid for a lifetime LibraryThing account on 18th September last year (incidentally, 18th September is my younger sister’s birthday!). This week, I finally started cataloguing my books. I was kind of putting it off because I knew once I started I wouldn’t want to stop. That fear has proven to be true. I’ve had to fight the constant urge to “add just a few more” all day, every day this week. I’ve promised Jac that I won’t do any work this Easter long weekend, and that we can spend some quality time together, but I’m sure I will be able to squeeze some book cataloguing in before she wakes up in the morning (even when we decide we’ll sleep in, I tend to get up earlier than her anyway).

I’ve catalogued a measly 136 books in the past couple of days. I’ve started with the books in my study and have moved onto the Nancy Drews. I’ll work my way through my Enid Blytons and Trixie Beldens after that, and through the rest of my children’s books (a large proportion of my books are children’s books, which I just love and read all the time). I then plan to catalogue Jac’s cook books – she collects cook books and at the last count she had a couple of hundred. After that I’ll work through our other books – novels etc.

I have no idea how many books we have. I’ve never even tried to estimate. It will be very cool to finally find out just how many we do have. I don’t think we have as many as CW. We do need to get more book shelves – the shelves we have in the spare room are all full, with double layers of books, and there are piles of books that just don’t fit anywhere.

So anyway, the Books link in the About section on the right side of this page links to my catalogue page on LibraryThing. And under that, some of you may have already noticed the LibraryThing “Random books from my library” widget above the flickr photo badge. At the moment it will probably come up with predominantly Nancy Drew books, but hopefully soon there will more variation! Later on I also want to scan some of my book covers for my catalogue. LibraryThing doesn’t link to covers for my Little House books, for example (I have the 1970s British Puffin paperback editions).

I’ve always loved books and reading. I like to read while eating lunch, I like reading while watching TV, I like reading on the train, I like reading on the toilet, and I like reading as I walk home from the train station.

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