Lou and Dan’s wedding, Part 1

Lou and Dan’s wedding reception was held at Melville Glades Golf Club. Having eaten only a chicken pie for breakfast and some turkish bread and tzatziki dip at Sascha and Dave’s between wedding and reception, I was absolutely ravenous. Once we’d sat down at our table, my bread roll promptly made friends with my tummy.

Bread roll and butter

When I realised dinner was to be a buffet with tables going up to get food in turns when summoned, I was faced with a challenge: how was I going to take photos of the food without getting in people’s way? I couldn’t very well tell my table to wait while I took photos when it was our turn at the buffet. Luckily, the salads were set out in advance, and I was able to walk up to the buffet table and get sneak in some shots before the hungry hoards began advancing. This was a potato salad:

Fancy potato salad

Another salad, with tomatoes, red capsicum, olives, red onions and cucumber.

Another salad

There was a huuuuuuuge platter of cold meat (salami and ham), olives, pickles and sundried tomatoes.

Cold meat platter - ham and salami

Here’s the cold meat platter from another angle. Yep, it carried a rather large quantity of ham, as you can see!

Cold meat platter - another angle

There was a big bowl of green salad too:

Green salad

More to come in Part 2.

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