Lou and Dan’s wedding, Part 2

Well, obviously I could really only just photograph my own plate. I made sure to place the food there reasonably neatly. I took photos around the plate as well as one whole-plate shot. Here’s the first part-plate shot, featuring roast beef, roast turkey (both with gravy) and ham (from that big cold meat platter). The beef and turkey were both thinly sliced and very moist and delicious.

Plate part 1

There was a dish of yellow rice and curry to go with it, beef or lamb, I’m not sure. Tasty though.

Plate part 2

I had some of the potato salad, lots and lots of green beans and cannelloni too.

Plate, part 3

To go with the beef and turkey there were crispy roasted potatoes and cooked vegetables. I grabbed green beans, cauliflower, carrot and baby corn. The two bits of lettuce you see at the top were from the bowl of green salad. I also grabbed a pickled gherkin from the cold meat platter. Somewhere buried there are pieces of sundried tomato as well.

Plate, part 4

There has to be at least one innards shot, and here it is:

Cannelloni innards

My plate. Colourful, isn’t it? I really enjoyed the food. I ate everything you see here, and was very full and satisfied.

My plate

There’s another wedding food post coming right up.

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