Christmas 2006 Part 2

Boxing Day Breakfast

The next morning, brother B drove to the bakery and picked up fresh bread rolls so we could have bacon and egg rolls for breakfast. He cooked the bacon on the new portable gas stove he got for Christmas from Jac’s mum.

Many rounds of bacon were fried on that little stove.

Cooking bacon  Cooking bacon

The tray of cooked bacon (the pile of bacon ended up a little higher than that – with seven adults and two kids to feed, a serious baconing was required!)


Then it was time to fry the eggs, which merged in the frying pan into a giant multi-yolked beastie. B painstakingly divided the eggy mass into individual serves.

Dividing the eggy mass

Eggs for everybody! Everyone could just help him/herself to a buttered roll, bacon, egg and sauce.

Eggs for everybody!

Jac’s bacon and egg roll – sauce under the egg.

Jac's bacon and egg roll

My bacon and egg roll, pepper and tomato sauce on top of egg.

My bacon and egg roll

B cooked the eggs just how I like them, with runny yolks. It was just fantastic, sitting in my lucky blue singlet on the verandah in the sunshine eating a fresh bacon and egg roll for breakfast, not even knowing what time it was, just being on holiday.

I love runny yolks!

Bunker Bay

After breakfast, Jac, VR and I decided to take a drive to Bunker Bay (maybe around 15kms from where we were). We’d heard the beach there is very nice. My brother and his wife and a couple of their friends are actually staying in a place off Bunker Bay right now as I write this! While Jac had a swim and VR sunbaked, I had myself a great time taking photos.

Bunker Bay

Bunker Bay

Bunker Bay

Bunker Bay

Bunker Bay

I had a nice walk/wade around some rocks, where the water was a little warmer and there were no waves whatsoever – it was like a big rock pool. There were shells with little molluscs living in them, clinging to the rocks. The water was really clear.

Clear water

I was thrilled to see silvery whiting swimming around in the water near me. I wish I’d thought to bring my hand line and some bait. I reckon I could’ve climbed up on one of the bigger rocks and caught some fish! That would’ve impressed Jac’s brothers! :) See the whiting in this photo?

See the whiting?

It really was a beautiful spot. I was very conscious of not getting over-excited with the camera and dropping it in the water. When I buy my next camera I’ll definitely look into models which have a water-proof case accessory. None of the scenery shots (or any of the other photos, for that matter!) have been Photoshopped – the sky and sea are just naturally beautiful!

Bunker Bay

Bunker Bay

And of course, more food!

We packed up and got back in the car and made a stop at Meelup Beach. Jac used to go there on holidays with her grandparents when she was a kid. She said it’s changed a lot since then. On this Boxing Day it was busy and swarming with people. We didn’t fancy trying to find a spot on that crowded beach, plus we were feeling peckish, so we just stayed long enough to have an ice cream (VR’s treat!) from the Frosty Boy van.

Jac and I shared a nut sundae with chocolate topping (Large, $5.00). We were still pretty hungry after this and decided to head back through Dunsborough town to grab a real bite to eat.

Frosty Boy Van

Chocolate nut sundae

We had a late lunch (also VR’s treat!) at this little cafe.

Galley Cafe

We shared a serve of hot chips with chicken salt. The chips tasted nice and fresh.

Hot chips with chicken salt

VR had a vegie burger:

Vegie burger

Jac had a chicken wrap, which was really tasty – made with lavash/mountain bread, a couple of crumbed chicken tenders, salad and mayonaise. She couldn’t finish it, so I eagerly helped out.

Chicken wrap

I had a chicken burger, which was OK but not spectacular. The grilled chicken pattie was a little bland, but the salad and mayo went down very well. I had the choice between grilled or crumbed chicken – maybe crumbed chicken might have been better. Oh well. Next time I’ll just try something else. :)

Chicken burger

Yes, there’s more coming up.

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