Christmas 2006 Part 1

I’ve uploaded 293 photos to a Flickr set called Xmas in Dunsborough, 2006. Friends and family can see lots of people photos there. Everyone else can see food, animal and landscape shots. These next few posts about Christmas at Dunsborough will feature selected shots from that set.

We left for Dunsborough early on Christmas morning, at 6:50am. We were expected for Christmas lunch with Jac’s family and wanted to reach our destination ASAP so the kids (Jac’s niece and nephew aged 8 and 3) wouldn’t have to wait too long for presents – we always open presents together as a family before Christmas lunch. The drive to Dunsborough took around two and a half hours, so we got there well and truly on time.

Jac’s brother B made punch with one of those giant Golden Circle tins of party punch, cubes of fruit and vodka.


My glass of punch

We had four different meats. Jac’s brother J did a brilliant job carving all of it. First, seasoned turkey thigh roast.

Seasoned turkey thigh roast

Carving the turkey thigh roast

For those who preferred white meat to dark, there was also a turkey breast roast.

Turkey breast roast

Carving the turkey breast roast

Carving the turkey breast roast

The ham had been flavoured with garlic and seeded mustard and other delicious things (sorry, I didn’t write it all down).


Carving the ham

Carving the ham

We also had a chunk of roast pork. Yeah, Jac’s family out-meated my family! Hahahaahaa. Yes, it was a huge amount of meat, but none went to waste – the leftovers were all eaten over the next couple of days – as cold meat with salad or microwaved with leftover roast vegies or lovely meaty sandwiches or toasted ham and cheese croissants. Jac’s mum might even make pea and ham soup using the big ham bone.

Roast pork

Carving the roast pork

The big platter of meat. Those black things on top are the onions the pork was roasted on. They were all burned on the outside but the centre/inner layers of the onions were soft, sweet and really delicious.

Platter of meat

Of course, we had vegetables to go with the meats. I didn’t get a chance to photograph the buttered boiled cabbage, but here are the roasted vegetables (sweet potato, potatoes, pumpkin, carrot and parsnips) and broccoli.

Roasted vegetables  Broccoli

My plate, with a little of each of the meats. There’s some cabbage in the top left corner. My favourite meat was the turkey thigh roast. I had more for my dinner that night.

My plate

I made a trifle for dessert. This one was much boozier than the one I made recently/previously. I think there was around 110mL of sweet sherry soaked into the slices of jammy sponge roll. Well, no one needed to drive anywhere after lunch, so I thought it would go down well… which it did!

Trifle  Trifle

We had fruit salad as well, which was a great way to wash down that big lunch.

Fruit salad

After lunch, we cleaned up and then headed for the beach. The place we stayed at was a rented holiday house on Geographe Bay Road, about two minutes’ walk across the road and a hot sandy path to the beach. There were a lot of jellyfish in the sea, so Jac and the kids couldn’t go in too far, but the water was nice and cool. Jac thought it was great that we were so close to the beach – if she needed another beer, she could just get another one from the esky on the verandah and get back to the beach in a couple of minutes!



More Dunsborough posts are on their way (you’ll see I really went camera-crazy!)

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