Christmas 2006 Part 3

Our last day in Dunsborough. Of course, breakfast had to be pies from a local bakery. We went to the Dunsborough Bakery, which we’d driven past on our way through town when we arrived on Christmas Day.

Dunsborough Bakery

The bakery sells a large range of baked goodies.

Dunsborough Bakery baked goodies  Dunsborough Bakery pies

We bought two chicken and mushroom pies and walked to the small park nearby and sat at a bench to eat them. As soon as I took my pie out of the paper bag and took a closer look, I knew Jac would find the pastry too thick. The pies were somewhat concave, too.

Chicken and mushroom pie

See? The pies would’ve been much nicer with more filling. The flavour of the filling was good, and I liked the chunks of chicken and the champignons, but yeah… each bite had far more pastry than filling and as a result tasted a little dry. I’ll always remember from now on to watch out for sunken-in pies – and probably not buy them.

Chicken and mushroom pie innards

We did buy a bag of croissants so everyone back at the house could make ham and cheese croissants or eat them with butter and jam. By all accounts the croissants were pretty good.

Bag of croissants

As we wandered around town and made a stop to buy a bottle of milk, we found another bakery, Tas’s Bakery, which appeared to have much nicer looking pies. Never mind, next time.

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