Christmas 2006 Part 4

The journey home

On our drive back to Perth we stopped at the Gull Myalup Roadhouse to stretch our legs and go to the loo. I perked up immediately when I saw the sign that read “Country Fried Chicken”. As well as the fried chicken, the roadhouse specialises in “Aussie” meat pies, which are shaped (sort of) like maps of Australia.

Gull Myalup Roadhouse  Country Fried Chicken
Aussie meat pies and Country Fried Chicken  A box of chicken

That Country Fried Chicken went down a treat. Yeah, it was kind of greasy, but soooo good. The skin was crispy and well-seasoned and the meat was succulent and juicy. It was sort of like Rosie’s Country Chicken which I used to eat at a cafe for lunch when I worked in East Perth, but not as spicy as Rosie’s.


Wanna know something funny? Jac and VR are in Dunsborough right now. They drove down there again today! We had to come back home on the 27th because 1) we’d only arranged for our friend Sue to feed the cats for so long, 2) Jac had to go to work for a while on the 28th, and 3) I would’ve gone crazy if I’d stayed for too long. I had a lovely time in Dunsborough but I was beginning to feel all peopled-out. I really needed to be home again and be able to do my own thing. Since Jac’s family have rented the house until New Year’s Day, Jac and VR decided to return and stay until then. I’m pretty happy here by myself with the cats.

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