Forgotten food: three different kinds of junk

Occasionally certain photos get left by the wayside and forgotten. Here are a number of forgotten photos, all junky, all yummy. Nooooooo, I did not eat all of this on the same day or in the same week.

First, another Hungry Jack’s Aussie Breaky, with strawberry jam on one of the muffin halves, and pepper on the eggs:

Fish and chips, from our local fish and chippie:

Fish and chips

And our dear friends, Dominos Godfather and BBQ Chicken and Bacon pizzas, on thin ‘n’ crispy crust.

Dominos Godfather pizza

Dominos BBQ Chicken and Bacon pizza

On that occasion when we ate the pizza, we also ordered some Chicken Kickers (Mild) with ranch dipping sauce. The sauce tasted more sweet like mayo rather than garlicky like ranch, but went very well with the Kickers, which were nice and chickeny.

Chicken Kickers with ranch sauce

Chicken Kicker innards

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