Another dinner

Last night’s dinner was simple but tasty – panfried lemon pepper fish (I think they were New Zealand frozen hoki filets)…

Panfried lemon pepper fish

… mushrooms and garlic cloves fried in a little butter…

Mushrooms and garlic in butter

Mushrooms and garlic in butt

…and a simple salad of lettuce, Lebanese cucumber and cherry tomatoes.


I put my salad dressing on the side in a wee dish to eat it with my salad like a dip. We bought this dressing at the Royal Show – it’s Mild Chilli Honey Mustard Sauce/Dressing by The Chilli Factory. It’s soooooooo yummy. One of my favourite salad dressings would be Paul Newman’s Ranch Dressing, but this one is beautiful if you’d like something sweeter and not so garlicky (on this occasion I did have a couple of whole garlic cloves to munch on, so a non-garlicky dressing was preferred!).

My plate

The mushrooms were nice and meaty.

Meaty mushroom

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