Back to work… BOOOOO!

It was hard getting out of bed and going to work today. I’ve really been enjoying my job, but the four-day Easter break just flew by and was over much too soon. I didn’t feel at all rested! I just wanted at least one more day, one more day to stay home! :-( This was today’s lunch – a small teriyaki chicken, served with rice and those yummy crunchy green pickles. The chicken was tender and delicious, and the rice had soaked up the teriyaki sauce from the chicken – mmmmm. Yep, this is a small – you do get a lot of chicken in a small!

Teriyaki chicken and rice

I also got a potato salad, which was really yummy – it consisted of mashed potato and potato chunks, with little bits of sliced cucumber, onion and carrot through the mash. Another one for the Again! list. This plus the small teriyaki chicken and rice made for a perfect lunch.

Japanese potato salad

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