Easter Monday family food hall extravaganza

Heheheh, okay so perhaps it wasn’t really an extravaganza, but I thought that would be a cool title for this post. Last night, we went out for dinner at our favourite asian food hall with my Mum and Dad, my sister Juji and her boyfriend and my brother. My brother’s wife (my sister-in-law) wasn’t there as she wasn’t feeling well, and my other sister CW and her hubby M were at another social engagement.

Mum ordered a plate of tau fu goreng (translates into fried tofu) – the cubes of fried tofu, mung bean sprouts and sliced cucumber are smothered in a chilli and peanut sauce. Very tasty! Mum and Dad really enjoyed this dish.

Tau fu goreng

Juji’s boyfriend Jay ordered roti canai – the delicious flat bread, authentically cooked with ghee, came served with a little dish of beef curry for dipping. The roti tends to be quite oily, but it’s very tasty. When I was a kid, I loved to eat freshly cooked roti canai just sprinkled with sugar – soooooo yummy.

Roti canai

Jac ordered gado gado from the Indonesian stall. Please refer to this link for an explanation of what the dish is. I’m not a fan of gado gado, but Jac loves it – she enjoyed it very much.

Gado gado

My brother ordered wantan mee, dry style. My brother loves char siu!

Wantan mee dry style

Here you can see the wantan soup that came with the wantan mee.

Wantan soup

My brother also ordered some chicken satay, which he shared with everyone. The chicken was so tender, with that deliciously authentic charred flavour.

Chicken satay

Mum and Jac both ordered siew mai (steamed pork dim sum dumplings) – these were also enjoyed by everyone! We just love our meat, especially pork!

Siew mai

Jac also ordered a serve of popiah, another of her favourites. The popiah was vegetarian, as was the gado gado.


Juji and I shared a plate of chee cheong fun. As regular readers no doubt know, I’m totally addicted to this dish. Juji hadn’t eaten it in a long while, and since we wanted to eat other things besides chee cheong fun, sharing this was the perfect solution.

Chee cheong fun

Mum felt like some loh mai kai (glutinous chicken rice) – Juji and her boyfriend enjoyed it too.

Loh mai kai

After much indecision, I finally worked out what I was craving – curry! I had chicken curry and rice. The curry was delicious – I could’ve just drunk it down like soup. There were about four pieces of chicken on the bone, as well as three or four chunks of potato. I also shared my curry with whoever wanted a taste. Jac had a piece of the chicken, and Mum sampled the curry and was quite impressed.

Chicken curry and rice

Juji ordered chicken katsu sushi which took an eternity to arrive (it took so long we thought they must’ve had to kill the chicken and dry the seaweed to make the nori sheets). I think she enjoyed it though.

Chicken katsu sushi

And so everyone ate a bit of everything and shared their choices around the table. But what did my Dad eat? He ordered his bowl of noodles (could’ve been laksa, I didn’t actually ask!) very quickly and got stuck in as soon as it arrived. He took off his glasses (I presume to avoid splashes and steam), just put his head down and tucked in. I know better than to ask my Dad to wait while I photograph his food!

I also received some belated birthday pressies, and some special choc chip cookies (with milk and white choc chips, and a really buttery smell and taste) baked by my sister-in-law. Which reminds me, I should go eat another one, right now. :)

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