Sometimes you get a bad tomato and you just don’t care

Yesterday morning we grabbed breakfast while out at the shops. We were at the shops pretty early – around 8:30am, and consequently not all food outlets were open. We decided to eat at The Cuckoo Chef again (see my write-up at Eating WA from last year: “We Love Burgers For Breakfast”).

This time we went for more orthodox breakfast choices*. I chose the Big Breakfast ($13.50), which consisted of bacon, eggs, tomato and toast, and came with orange juice and tea or coffee. This proved to be very good value for us, as I had the orange juice and Jac had the coffee. I chose to have my eggs scrambled, rather than poached or fried – and was very pleased with the generous serving of very fluffy scrambled eggs I received. They tasted great too! There was also plenty of bacon to match the abundance of eggs. I’d love to say that everything was delicious, but unfortunately the tomato may have been off. It looked like it had been cooked perfectly, soft in the middle yet holding its shape well – however, as soon as I had my first mouthful I was taken aback by the weird, wrong taste – a sour, chemical-like and definitely untomatoey flavour that reminded me of nail polish – yes, seriously! Jac tried some too and spat it out as soon as she tasted it. I pushed the rest of the uneaten tomato aside and just ate my bacon and eggs. I just couldn’t be bothered making a fuss over an off tomato – there’s no better way to describe this situation as: (with a shrug) shit happens. You know, like the odd bad egg in a carton, or an apple that looks perfect on the outside but is revealed to be all brown and wormy inside when you bite into it. I can live with shit happening as long as it doesn’t happen all the time, you know?

Big Breakfast

I was impressed that they gave me the choice of white or brown toast when I placed my order; I was not so impressed with the amount of butter on the toast – you call this buttered toast (every piece of toast was like this)?! Heheheh. It was nice and chewy though.

Barely buttered toast

The coffee (I asked for a flat white for Jac) was nice though, according to Jac…

Flat white

…and my icy cold 100% OJ was lovely.

OJ and coffee

The bacon, eggs and OJ were great; the toast was OK; the tomato was a bit of a shame (but I quickly got over it – I just described it in detail for your sakes). We both left full and feeling pretty happy. After breakfast we did some food shopping, and then Jac took off to her hockey club for registration day (another winter season is about to begin!) while I wandered the shops on my own for a while. I bought myself a little pressie to celebrate finishing my PhD and my new job (which I guess isn’t so new any more!): I got me one of these. :)

*Orthodox, probably, for most people. We eat anything for breakfast – for us, anything is potentially breakfast food.

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