More of this week’s work lunches

I’m finding some posts harder to write than others, and rather than hold up the posts, I’ve decided to post them out of chronological order. Here’s this week’s work food.

As it just so happened, Chad needed to go to the post office on Tuesday at lunch time, and I went along eagerly, knowing full well it would be most convenient to grab lunch at Perth Noodle Wok. Chad didn’t need convincing! Ever since she’d enjoyed the char kway teow at the Pavilion Markets last week, she’s been keen to have kway teow again. And so she ordered the Perth Noodle Wok’s char kway teow. Chad also found the serving size too large to eat in one sitting – she had her leftovers for her lunch the next day.

Chad's char kway teow

I ordered the Singapore fried bee hoon. It was delicious, with a lovely curry flavour. There was a decent amount of BBQ pork and lots of little prawns. I was a little disappointed though – the menu said there would be fried tofu as well, but there was none to be found in my box of noodles. As we took our noodles back to the office to eat, I wasn’t able to ask about the apparently missing tofu. It wasn’t a huge deal, just a wee shame. :) I too was unable to eat all of my noodles. The leftovers made a superb breakfast the next morning. I know a lot of people can’t stomach curried anything at breakfast time, but after I’ve done my exercise, I’m ready for any strong, delicious flavour – could be fried rice, sausage roll, KFC and yes, curry!

Singapore fried bee hoon

On Wednesday, TNG (I’ve decided to call The New Guy TNG) and I dined in at Han’s. Here’s his chilli chicken rice. I think it looks amazing – I love all that bright red next to that white rice. Looks much prettier on the plate than shoved into a takeaway container.

The new guy's chilli chicken rice

I haven’t had the Thai green curry for a while, and so that’s what I chose. Not as much sliced bamboo shoots this time, which was good for me – I’m sure I’ve mentioned before I’m not a big fan of bamboo. I’ll eat it, but I don’t care much for it. This curry had carrots, broccoli and potato in it, as well as lots of chicken. Like the last time, I ate every bit of it – and what gravy I hadn’t poured over my rice, I eagerly drank from the bowl. After we’d ordered, the table next to ours received their food, and it was really funny – the guy had ordered chilli chicken rice and the woman had ordered Thai green curry chicken and rice! SNAP!

Thai green chicken curry

On Thursday, TNG and I went to Han’s again. This time he chose the garlic seafood rice, which looked and smelled rather good to me – I think I’ll try that another time. The seafood was squid, a few bursty prawns (I checked with TNG on their burstiness) and fish balls sliced in half.

The new guy's garlic seafood rice

I had a dish I used to eat all the time when I ate at Han’s on Hay Street about eight years ago, which I haven’t eaten yet in the Subiaco Han’s – Japanese style fish rice. You get one or two pieces of fish, depending on their size, covered in a very thin, light batter, glazed with the delicious sauce they also use on the Japanese chicken rice (see this previous post). It’s very good, though not as saucy as the chicken version – I prefer more sauce, the saucier the better!

Japanese style fish rice

On Friday I went to lunch at the Station Street Markets with TNG and another workmate, to be called S for now. S eats seafood but not other meat, and so while I introduced TNG to the pleasure of Saigon crispy fried chicken rice, S went to another stall which was apparently called “Brick”, and got herself rice with what appeared to be stir-fried fish balls with chilli and garlic. I think she liked it – she ate it all and finished before I did, and she got her food after me! But having said that, I can be a notoriously slow eater, which isn’t helped by my photo-taking at the beginning of the meal.

Another workmate's garlic seafood rice

TNG enjoyed his fried chicken and fried rice. I love how you get a drumstick and a thigh. I just wish the fried rice serving size was a bit larger.

Saigon crispy fried chicken rice

You can’t see it, but in the orange bowl is the sweet chilli sauce which I dipped my chicken in. It was very pleasant sitting outdoors in a shady area tucking into my freshly cooked lunch – they’d deep fried the chicken to order and it was fantastically crisp on the outside, and juicy and piping hot on the inside (greedy tfp had to say “ouch!” a couple of times while eating the hot chicken with her fingers). They’d also cooked the fried rice in the pan while I waited – I’d watched hungrily as the woman tipped the cooked rice into the pan, seasoned it, broke the egg into it – I just knew it was going to be good. I try not to have soft drinks with my lunches because that way it would be just too easy to get into a daily soft drink habit, but fried chicken goes so well with a fizzy drink.

Saigon crispy fried chicken rice with Diet Coke

Running out of time again – have to get in the shower and get things ready for this evening. Will keep posting tomorrow.

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