Work lunches

Monday: my workmate BK and I got lunch takeaway from Perth Noodle Wok. BK and SRM both had the Chilli Noodle Box (AU$10.80), both hot (you can choose mild, medium or hot, and BK and SRM are chilli fiends, so they wanted their noodles to be HOT hot). As he ate his noodles, SRM was impressed with all the chilli seeds he kept finding, which no doubt had a lot to do with the high hotness factor.

SRM's Chilli Noodle Box (HOT)

I had fried kway teow (AU$10.80). It had a nice “wok hei” flavour to it, but somehow wasn’t quite dark enough. Tasted pretty good though. Both SRM and I had A&W Root Beer to wash down our noodles. We’re the only two in our team who love the stuff – I’m so pleased I found somewhere in Subiaco that actually sells A&W Root Beer! When asked what it tastes like by a workmate who’s never tried it, I told her it tastes like a cross between cola and cough mixture. I like cola, loathe cough mixture, but looooooooove root beer. Go figure!

Fried kway teow

I also got myself a box of Singapore noodles to take home for my dinner. I love the curry flavour of Perth Noodle Wok’s version of the dish. A Perth Noodle Wok box holds a deceptively huge amount of noodles – I don’t think I’ve ever finished a whole box in one sitting. This occasion was no exception – I ate half for dinner, and half for breaky the next morning.

Singapore rice noodles

Tuesday: Chad and I had lunch at Caffe Vero on Rokeby Road. She’d just about decided on the tandoori chicken salad but changed her mind at the last minute to a toasted continental focaccia. It wouldn’t be something I’d order, but did smell very good, and Chad enjoyed it.

Toasted continental foccacia

After sormuijai suggested I have “creamy sundried tomato and chicken pasta with lots of mushrooms” I developed a craving for a creamy pasta dish. So it was a pretty easy choice on my part to have the fettucine carbonara (AU$14.00). Just like the Fettucine Vero I had the last time we ate there, this dish was huge. It was topped with shards of shaved parmesan, which I love, and had lots of bacon and sliced mushrooms and loads of creamy sauce. It was yummy, and somehow I ate it all. :-P

Fettucine carbonara

Wednesday: I thought I wouldn’t eat at Han’s for a long time, but I had green curry chicken and rice (AU$9.45), takeaway. The curry was really tasty. I think it’s one of my favourite dishes at Han’s. The vegies – broccoli, carrot and potato – were all at the bottom. I’d quite forgotten there would be vegies in the curry, so it was kind of like finding buried treasure, a lovely surprise when I hit on a flash of orange carrot or green broccoli. Heh. It would be cool to find buried treasure from time to time. Not that I’m usually in the position to find buried treasure. I don’t dig very often.

Green curry chicken

Thursday: while the others had gozleme from the Pavilion Markets, I had mee goreng (AU$9.00) from the Chinese stall. My workmate R asked the gozleme people what they planned to do once the Pavilion Markets close at the end of this year. They won’t have a permanent market stall or a shop anywhere, but will be doing catering and shows/fairs. R grabbed a business card for future reference, just in case we wanted to have goz catering for a work do.

Mee Goreng

Friday: SRM and I grabbed takeaway from Toraya for him, Chad, L and me. We were impressed by how quickly the food was ready, but then we weren’t surprised, as when we dine in, it’s always super-fast. Back at work, we tucked in hungrily. Here’s Chad’s Medium Agedashi Tofu Lunch Box (AU$12.00). The little pieces of fried sweet potato looked particularly good to me. I’m not sure what the tofu batter is made of, but as Chad began eating it, it came off the tofu and was all slimy and rubbery-looking – according to Chad, it was “like eating snot”. L was quite disgusted by the sight of the rubbery ball of slime, but Chad consumed it all with great relish and with a spoon drank down that dark pool of sauce to the very last drop.

Chad's Medium Agedashi Tofu Lunch Box

SRM and L each had the Teriyaki Fish Lunch Box. L ordered medium (AU$12.00), SRM, large(AU$15.00). With the large lunch box, SRM was given a choice of one of the fried dishes – chicken karaage, calamari, crab claws or takoyaki (octopus balls). He chose the calamari. As you can see, the teriyaki fish is a drier-style teriyaki dish. The fish is battered, and sits on the teriyaki sauce. The chilli mayo in the centre of the tray is for the calamari. We all loved the takeaway trays, which are quite fancy for disposable crockery. The pattern on them reminded me of a summer dressing gown.

SRM's Large Teriyaki Fish Lunch Box

I had my favourite, the karaage donburi (AU$9.00). Heaven in a bowl, I tell you!

Karaage Donburi

Something quite amazing has happened since I began eating at Toraya – I’ve been drinking miso soup! I used to hate the stuff. Well, the big test will be the miso soup at other Japanese restaurants – maybe it’s just Toraya’s that I like. I’ll let you know if I do become a real miso soup drinker.


A few people have been asking where Toraya is located. It is a couple of shops up from Woolworths in Subiaco, next to the Telstra Shop. I believe its actual address is Shop 8, Subiaco Square, 29 Station Street, which is next to the Subiaco Train Station.

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