Indian and Italian takeaway dinners

As we were leaving on Friday night (21/12/2007) we couldn’t be bothered cooking and creating piles of dishes to wash, so we had a couple of takeaway meals during the week.

Dinner Wednesday night, from Maya Masala. Clockwise from the top – naan, lamb and spinach curry, vegetable curry, butter chicken.

My plate

The lamb was very tender. I really do like spinach curries. But after eating it is always necessary to do a Gnasher at Jac so she can check for unwanted green bits between my teeth.

Lamb and spinach curry

The butter chicken was a little spicier and less creamy than usual. Nice, but a little different from what I’d been craving.

Butter chicken

Dinner Thursday night, from The Sicilian Restaurant in Subiaco. I picked this up after work. For Jac, tortellini (AU$13.00), pasta filled with prosciutto and served in “a ham and green pea creamy sauce”. The menu description is somewhat misleading – really, it’s a cream sauce which happens to have green peas in it, rather than a sauce made from green peas, which “green pea creamy sauce” seems to suggest (to me, anyway). In any case, it’s delicious!

For me, good old spaghetti meatballs (AU$11.00). The meatballs are lovely meaty, garlicky homemade ones. The sauce is bolognese i.e. with mince through it, and the pasta perfectly cooked despite having to survive a train journey home.

Spaghetti meatballs

Coming up next – holiday posts! Yaaay!

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