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11/05/2008 – a fry-up for breakfast, with fried eggs, bacon, garlic mushrooms and tinned spaghetti. That’s ground black pepper on the eggs, by the way (it kind of looks like dirt, doesn’t it? :)). I don’t mind tinned spaghetti once in a while. Not a fan of having it on toast, though. Actually, I don’t tend to eat savoury things on toast for breakfast. I don’t mind scrambled eggs on toast once in a while, though I’d prefer to eat the scrambled eggs not on toast, and eat my toast separately, spread with some jam or honey. Oh, and I do sometimes enjoy sliced fresh tomato on buttered toast, with just a little salt and pepper on the tomato. But for that to work, the tomato’s got to be a really good tomato. What do you guys like eating on toast?

Fry-up with tinned spaghetti

For dinner, Jac made garlic bread using a multi-grain bread roll and homemade garlic butter.

Garlic bread

To go with the garlic bread, Jac panfried some lovely pork chops and made a steamed vegetable medley with carrots, corn and green beans. We also had ovenbaked seasoned potato wedges. We ate dinner while watching Gladiators. I confess I was one of those people who had been eagerly hoping for the show’s return. Every Sunday evening is a thrill!

Pork chop, vegetable medley, potato wedges and garlic bread

The pork chops were so juicy!

Pork chop close up

12/05/2008 – fish fillets, rubbed with lemon pepper and panfried, then served with salad. The fish was barramundi, I believe. It was delicate and flaky.

Lemon pepper-rubbed fish with salad

13/05/2008 – Jac made Hainan chicken rice using a jar mix to flavour the rice (so garlicky, OMG!). I rubbed the chicken thigh fillets with soy sauce, white pepper, sesame oil and a little corn flour, and Jac steamed them, and then sliced them before serving. The chicken turned out tender and so tasty.

Hainan chicken rice with steamed soy sauce chicken

16/05/2008 – Jac bought some honey and mustard chicken from the butcher, which she baked in the oven, along with whole potatoes wrapped in foil. She served the potatoes with garlic butter and salad. I just love garlic butter melting on hot, freshly baked potatoes in their jackets.

Honey and mustard chicken, baked potato with garlic butter and salad

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