Breakfast noodle soup with egg

One of my favourite breakfasts. Instant noodle soup with an egg broken into it. On this occasion the noodles are Indomie Special Chicken flavour. The little brown specks you see floating in the soup are the fried onions that come in the packet of fragrant oil you add to the soup. When the noodles are just about ready, I break the egg into the saucepan, into the noodle soup, and stir just a little to break the egg up a bit. I see the egg white start to turn a bright white from its translucent raw state, but the egg yolk is still soft, more liquid than solid – just how I like it – when I turn the heat off and and pour the noodle soup and egg into the bowl.

Indomie Special Chicken Flavour with an egg cracked into it

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