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Wednesday – J had a craving for crispy chicken rice at Munch Terrace (Shop 6, 230 Hay St, Corner Bennett St East Perth). I was happy to go along to Munch. Once again, I was influenced by what others around me were eating – the mee goreng looked saucy, bountiful and delicious. I was pleased to find the dish tasted as good as it looked. In with the egg noodles was chicken, two plump bursty prawns, squid, bean sprouts and lots of fried egg. I’m not a big fan of the way they like to cook squid in Chinese restaurants (they score the flat pieces of squid and when they fry them they curl up; if they aren’t tender to begin with I think their shape makes them an even bigger, chewier mouthful of rubber). I prefer calamari rings or even squid tentacles. I really liked the flavour of this mee goreng sauce, a touch of sweetness (presumably from kicap manis; I’ve eaten mee goreng that tasted like it had a little tomato sauce in the sauce, which was really tasty), and a touch of chilli. I know I’ve said this about eating laksa, but the same sort of principle applies: I just love saucy noodles like this, all coated with the sauce and so saucy you have to suck the noodles up with your face close to the plate to minimise flicking sauce onto your shirt. My glasses get steamed up initially because I have to get so close, but it’s so worth it… I get to breathe the delicious smell in too, that way.

Mee goreng/div>

J was very happy with her crispy chicken rice.

Crispy chicken rice

The skin looked especially really crispy this time. They probably do serve you the extra crispy overfried bits of fat that a more refined restaurant wouldn’t, but hey… obviously we keep eating all those bits of fat.

Crispy chicken close up

Thursday – I returned to Munch Terrace with SRM, C and J the very next day. SRM and C had crispy chicken rice, and J had laksa. Due to indecision on my part I was still stuck at the counter ordering when J’s laksa arrived, and she’d dug in with gusto. So all I have is the photo of my stewed chicken noodles (dry style). This was soooo good. The chicken pieces were tender and silky smooth, and the noodles used were the same springy thin egg ones used in wantan mee that I love so much. Under the noodles were beansprouts, and it all sat in a very tasty dark sauce. I think they’d drizzled a little sesame oil over before serving. The smell was enticing. When all the chicken, beansprouts and noodles were gone, I drank every last drop of sauce down. I’ll definitely eat this dish again. In fact, looking at this photo makes me wish I could have it again right now.

Stewed chicken noodle (dry style)

Friday – SRM, J and I decided to try somewhere we haven’t been for lunch before – Le Croissant on the Cove (Shop 24, 108 Royal St, East Perth). This is the bakery where SRM got the cakes for his birthday afternoon tea. In addition to cakes and pastries, they serve a selection of sandwiches and hot meals in their cafe. They have quiche and pies (beef and mushroom was particularly tempting, maybe next time!) and sausage rolls with flaky, buttery-looking pastry (you know that rich, buttery pastry French bakeries are famous for!). SRM grabbed a sandwich to go, but J and I decided to sit in the cafe and eat ours. Like Aroma, the sandwiches and rolls at Le Croissant have names; J chose the “Paris” (AU$8.50) – focaccia with marinated chicken, sundried tomatoes, avocado and cheese, served freshly toasted.

I chose the “Como” (AU$8.50) – very similar to the “Paris”, except that it was made with Turkish bread, also toasted, and pesto mayonnaise instead of cheese.

The Como - toasted Turkish bread

Our sandwiches were perfectly toasted – crispy crusty hot exterior, hot yet soft interior, with the fillings nicely warmed all the way through.

The Como - toasted Turkish bread side shot

I didn’t think the pesto mayo had much of a presence in the Como (I think it had mostly been absorbed by the bread; I really couldn’t taste much pesto anything), but it was chockers with the marinated chicken (which was very well-seasoned and extremely tasty) and everything else. I was really surprised how good the avocado tasted to me. Regular readers will know I’ve written on numerous occasions about my dislike for avocado, especially in salads. Maybe my tastes are changing again – I have also written about how my likes and dislikes have been evolving as I get older, which is quite exciting and enjoyable (in the past year I’ve rediscovered fetta cheese, miso soup, sour cream and chopped fresh mint in salads). Or maybe I’d have always preferred cooked (or at least hot) avocado to fresh, raw avocado, but after eating cold, fresh, raw avocado which I didn’t like, I was too put off to try warm or cooked avocado. I’ll have to test the boundaries and keep you posted. :)

I’ve been on a training course today that continues tomorrow. It’s catered lunches both days – sandwiches. They are very nice sandwiches, but I will definitely need to eat rice or noodles Wednesday and Thursday!

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