Lunch discovery of the week

I’ve been meaning to try Noodlebox’s Teriyaki noodle salad with lime, and last Thursday was the day. The Salad Box comes in one size, for AU$11.50.

Noodlebox Salad Box

The salad has soba noodles, chicken, bamboo shoots and lots of fresh vegetables in it – mixed lettuce, carrot, capsisum. The teriyaki dressing was absolutely delicious, thanks to that twist of lime – I loved loved loved it.

Teriyaki chicken noodle salad with lime

It was a big box, but a surprisingly light meal. The salad greens were especially good for holding lots of the teriyaki and lime dressing. When I’ve bought lunch from Noodlebox, I’ve always ordered the small size, but I ate this easily and enjoyed every bit. There was a delicious pool of absolutely drinkable juice left at the bottom of the box – I couldn’t resist – I drank it all down once I got to the end.* My boss and I both got these teriyaki salad boxes – our enjoyment must’ve made it look good – so good in fact that two others from our team went straight to Noodlebox to have the same thing for lunch that day! I’ll definitely be having this again sometime soon.

All gone!

Thank you for your concerns re: my injury. Leg is still sore but getting better every day.

*Be warned, it is actually quite tricky drinking from these so-called Chinese takeaway boxes. The last time I drank from one of these I ended up pouring half the sauce down my pant leg. Garlicky trousers, eww!

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