Hainan chicken rice, it’s been too long

Last Thursday night, I met Jac after work and we went to Spencer Village for dinner.

Jac was in the mood for Japanese. She got herself a set with salmon sashimi, chicken teriyaki, California roll and salad. If it were me eating Japanese, I’d have needed steamed rice too, to eat with the chicken (for me, sushi doesn’t count as rice somehow – sushi’s sushi! :)). How about you?

Salmon sashimi and chicken teriyaki set

Jac really enjoyed the salmon. I’ve never been bothered by the concept of eating raw fish; I’ve just never liked its texture or taste. But even I had to admit that this salmon, delicately presented, looked very good.

Salmon sashimi

A bowl of miso soup was included.

Miso soup

I had hainan chicken rice from Penang Cuisine (still only AU$6.50!). I hadn’t eaten hainan chicken rice for what seemed like ages. Boy, did I enjoy it!

Hainan chicken rice

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