Thursday bento – egg, salad and Swiss cheese

Whenever I haven’t had time to organise any protein for my bento (whether leftovers or prepared specifically for bento), I fall back on good old hard-boiled eggs – this is what I had to do for my Thursday bento. Jac didn’t need lunch on this occasion – here’s the lunch I packed for myself.

My Thursday bento

I love hard-boiled eggs with pepper and soy sauce. The soy sauce bottle is Shinzi Katoh-designed. I bought it in a set of four (red and green-topped little bottles with four different faces!) from I Love Obento – see the apple sauce bottles. I also bought the apple dip containers, which I haven’t used yet. The steamed broccoli was left over from dinner the night before.

Hard-boiled eggs with soy sauce, broccoli and cherry tomato

On top of the salad (lettuce, sugar snap peas, capsicum, cucumber and cherry tomato), I included a slice of Swiss cheese (folded to make smaller slices) for another texture and taste.

Salad and Swiss cheese

And of course, my current favourite two-fruit combo of strawberries and papaya, with a chicken food pick. :)

Strawberries and papaya

Quite a healthy lunch, I think.

Thursday bento lunch

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