KFC for dinner

We took the cats to the vet for a check-up last Tuesday evening after work. They are both healthy, but Billy has one little problem from time to time. I’ll just say two words, and that’s all I’ll say about it: anal glands.

We felt we deserved a comforting junky meal after all that. Once the cats were home, released from their carriers and munching on their dinner, we drove to KFC to get our grub.

Here’s my plate: KFC Original Recipe, my favourite two-piece combo of a thigh and a drumstick (the only thing that would beat that would be two thigh pieces, but it wouldn’t be fair for me to eat all the chicken thighs!), chips and coleslaw. The chips were a little disappointing – floppy and approaching cardboardiness. But the chicken was juicy and succulent.

KFC Original Recipe, chips and coleslaw

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