Tuesday bento – lamb cutlets

For last Tuesday’s bento, Jac grilled us some lamb cutlets, which she flavoured with celery salt and rosemary. This was my bento box: on the right, the lamb cutlets, which I placed on a bed of mixed salad greens, along with some smokey barbecue sauce for dipping; on the left, salad (mixed salad greens, broccolini, yellow capsicum, baby roma tomatoes, mushrooms, green beans) and strawberries.

Lamb cutlets, salad and strawberries

Jac’s lunch was identical, except for a couple of details. Jac had cooked five lamb cutlets (it just so happened we bought them in a pack of five); I gave Jac the two largest ones and took the three smaller ones for myself. Of course, I wrote her a little note for her bento box. And since she loves both barbecue sauce and mint jelly with lamb, I included both in her lunch.

Jac's lamb cutlet bento

To get both sauces in the little square container, I held a small piece of paper in the middle of the container while I squeezed barbecue sauce into the container on one side of the paper, and while I spooned mint jelly into the other side. I removed the piece of paper and voila – two sauces next to each other in the container. The lamb was fantastic – Jac cooked the cutlets to medium, and they were beautifully tender. She’d seasoned them so well I didn’t really need to dip them in the barbecue sauce – I ended up dipping some of my salad vegetables in the sauce instead, yum.

Jac's lamb cutlets with bento note/div>

I love these big bento boxes, which I bought on eBay from this seller (sells Shinzi Katoh stuff too!). The bottom tier especially holds a generous amount of food – while it would be great to stuff it full of fried chicken, I make sure it’s mostly healthy stuff, like salad.

A big salad and strawberries

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