Sunday food

Breakfast, an example of great teamwork: garlic mushrooms (cooked by Jac) and scrambled eggs with chives (cooked by me). As usual, I got to eat the pan-roasted whole garlic cloves.

Garlic mushrooms and scrambled eggs with chives

Dinner: tender panfried mini pork steaks, bubble and squeak, salad and chilli sauce. The pork steaks were simply rubbed with salt and pepper before being cooked in the frying pan. Jac makes variations of bubble and squeak from time to time (she’s never used a recipe – it’s a good way to use up leftover mashed potatoes and vegetables), and on this occasion, she made it using homegrown potatoes from our garden. She parboiled them, then roughly mashed them – I suppose in restaurant circles, they’d call this crushed potatoes, as opposed to mashed potatoes. She heated a little oil in a frying pan and added the potatoes, then cabbage which had been cut roughly into squares, drained tinned corn kernels, and a couple of beaten eggs. She warmed the mixture through and browned it slightly, and seasoned with a little salt and pepper. The salad was simply English spinach, capsicum, cherry tomatoes and broccolini, with a light sprinkling of fried shallots (bought ones, not homemade). The chilli sauce was actually a mixture of tomato sauce and sriracha sauce – I’m not really a fan of sriracha, so I wasn’t as keen on the sauce as Jac was. Once in a while she does cook/create dishes I’m not wild about (such as this sauce, for example), but the majority of the time the dishes she cooks are spot-on and absolutely fantastic, so I feel very grateful!

Pork steaks, bubble and squeak, salad and chilli sauce

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