Wednesday bento – KFC Nuggets, salad and fruit

For lunch last Wednesday, I packed us KFC nuggets, salad and fruit. We’d bought a Mega Feast pack for dinner the night before, which included 10 pieces of chicken, 10 nuggets, 2 large chips, a large container of potato and gravy and a large coleslaw. This would supply us with a tasty dinner, nuggets for bento the next day and leftovers for snacks and sandwiches.

I packed Jac a little less salad so that I could squeeze in some bread and butter for her (her lunch box is on the left). I used some greaseproof paper to keep the bread separated from the salad. I gave Jac a sachet of creamy ranch dressing dip her chicken nuggets into. I think the dressing came with the Chicken Kickers we had as part of a Dominos pizza delivery a couple of months ago – I always keep all the unused sauces as they come in very handy in moments such as this. I packed myself a sachet of tomato sauce for my nuggets.

Our bento lunches

Sometimes I struggle for inspiration as I think of what to write or doodle on Jac’s bento note. I don’t think this was one of my better ones. :)

Jac's bento note

I thought the fresh orange slices went very well with the salad. These were very sweet and juicy Western Australian navel oranges. They added a splash of lovely colour to the bento lunches too.

My Wednesday bento

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