Pizza lunch for J’s birthday

Last Thursday was my workmate J’s birthday! We decided to try the East End Pizza Bar – this is one place on Royal Street we haven’t eaten at before.

You can buy your pizza as “single”(for one) or “large” (to share between two or three, depending on the size of your appetite). We chose a single pizza each. This was J’s, the supreme (AU$10.50 single, $18.50 large): Virginian ham, pepperoni, capsicum, mushroom and kalamata olives.

Supreme pizza from East End Pizza Bar

I chose the BBQ chicken and bacon single pizza (AU$10.50 single, $18.50 large): chicken, bacon, mushroom, capsicum and barbecue sauce.

Chicken, bacon and BBQ sauce pizza from East End Pizza Bar

The pizzas were a little smaller than dinner plates, a good size for someone with a reasonable appetite. We liked that they weren’t heavy-handed with the cheese; there was enough for you to see and taste it, and enough to hold the other toppings down onto the base, but not so much you couldn’t see the other toppings. If you like heavy cheese (like Jac) you’d probably want to ask for extra cheese. I thought it was a little weird that my pizza, which had barbecue sauce as a topping also had a tomato sauce base. I’d have liked zero tomato sauce and more barbecue sauce instead. Surprisingly, it tasted pretty good with the two sauces. They were very generous with the chicken on my pizza, and equally generous with the ham and pepperoni on J’s supreme. If I had a complaint about any of my toppings it would have to be the thin batons of bacon, which, due to their thinness, barely had a presence as far as taste went. If I’m going to have bacon on my pizza, I really want to be able to enjoy its distinct bacon flavour!

The pizza bases didn’t taste/feel like handmade, but we didn’t mind at all as they were satisfyingly chewy throughout – crispy on the edges and not too thick or bready. They cook your pizzas to order in their big oven (they describe their pizzas as “flame baked”) so they taste lovely and fresh. We had a taste of each other’s pizza and really enjoyed our lunch. We plan to return soon for design-your-own pizzas (6 toppings in addition to tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, AU$10.50 single, $18.50 large) – I’ve already been designing my pizza in my head- chicken, pepperoni, sundried tomatoes, roasted eggplant, mushrooms and garlic… mmmmm.

East End Pizza Bar are located at Shop 2, 113 Royal St, East Perth, and open Wednesday to Friday for lunch, and Tuesday to Sunday for dinner.

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