Wednesday bento – teriyaki chicken wingettes, salad and fruit

Last weekend, Jac marinated some chicken wingettes in teriyaki sauce for bento. The chicken sat in the teriyaki sauce for two days in a container in the fridge. Last Tuesday evening, she panfried the chicken so it would be cooled and ready for me to pack for bento on Wednesday morning. The chicken looks a little on the burnt side, but believe me, the dark bits actually tasted good. :)

Panfried teriyaki-marinated chicken for bento

I used the Decor Tellfresh Quarters containers again. They are a really simple but functional design and a very convenient size – I can easily fit a decent-sized lunch with the various food groups included (protein, salad, fruit, carbs, if desired, but I tend not to need bread if I have a nice protein item and plenty of salad). I placed two pieces of chicken in one of the white compartments. In another compartment, I packed strawberries, papaya, an orange slice and a couple of prunes each. The oranges and prunes were leftovers we’d brought home from Sunday’s lunch. In the other half of the lunch boxes I packed us salad – mushrooms, yellow capsicum, lettuce, cucumber and blanched broccolini and sugar snap peas. I packed a piece of havarti cheese in with Jac’s salad as well. I love how colourful the lunches were. These containers came with four compartments, but so far I have only ever used them with two compartments in.

Wednesday bento lunches

Jac had asked me about the weather, so I decided to make it the subject of her bento note.

Bento note for Jac

I’d bought some cherry tomatoes sold in a bunch on the vine – they were a little on the expensive side for tomatoes, but I thought they looked shiny and beautiful and would be perfect for including in bento boxes. I snipped them off the vine but left their green tops on. I packed Jac two red ones, and for myself I packed a red and the lone green one. I thought the green tomato was quite pretty but had a feeling it would be really unripe and sour, and boooooy, was I right! As soon as I bit into it at lunch time, I’m sure I made a face like a cat’s bum! The red tomato was lovely and sweet, but the green was so sour it was pretty much inedible. Oh well, I still think it looked good!

My bento lunch

Note: After I’d taken the photos for this post, I decided to squeeze an extra chicken wingette in our lunch boxes so we’d have three each. A little rearranging of the salad was necessary, but it wasn’t too difficult fitting the third piece of chicken in the lunch boxes.

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