Melbourne Cup Day 2008 pizza and salad lunch

Last Tuesday was Melbourne Cup day. Just like many other office people all over Australia that day, we had sweeps, watched the race and enjoyed a good lunch. This year, the team all chipped in for pizza and salad.

J made the salad – English spinach, mixed salad greens, tomatoes and Greek feta, with a balsamic dressing (this photo shows the salad just before it was dressed). The tomatoes were really sweet, the feta creamy. It was a lovely salad to go with the pizza.


I brought in a punnet of strawberries that I bought at the supermarket. We munched on these at the end of the meal.


We bought three different varieties of pizza from Stuzzico (232 Hay St, East Perth). We had a full (1.5 m long!) The Lot (salami, mushroom and ham), a full prosciutto and rocket, and a half (75 cm) rocket, bocconcini and cherry tomato. It was great! The pizza tasted light and delicious, and it was just so easy to keep eating!

So here’s the The Lot (AU20 half, $36 full. Can’t buy these by the slice or quarter)…

The Lot pizza

The Lot pizza

The pizza with prosciutto and rocket ( AU$3.50 slice, $10 quarter – 3 slices, $18.00 half, $32.50 full). Some of you will know rocket as arugula.

Pizza with prosciutto and rocket

And the pizza with rocket, cherry tomatoes and bocconcini (AU$4 slice, $11, quarter, $22 half, $40 full)

Pizza with rocket, cherry tomatoes and bocconcini

Pizza with rocket, cherry tomatoes and bocconcini

Slice of pizza with rocket, cherry tomatoes and bocconcini

The prosciutto pizza was topped with powdered parmesan and a drizzling of olive oil.

Slice of pizza with prosciutto and rocket

The Lot pizza and salad

They do cut the slices up fairly small, so I had a couple of slices of each type, as well as salad. Scary thing is, I could’ve eaten more! But I didn’t. There was heaps of pizza left -we like to over-cater so everyone can eat freely without stressing out that there won’t be enough. I see no problem in over-catering as long as the leftovers aren’t wasted. I get quite upset when I see perfectly good uneaten food being chucked into the bin (do you?). I did take a few slices home for Jac, and we all feasted on the leftovers the next day, so it was all good.

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