Savannah’s birthday dinner

We celebrated Jac’s niece Savannah’s birthday with a family dinner last Wednesday.

Jac and I made savoury eggs (also known as devilled eggs), specially requested by the birthday girl herself. We weren’t able to get quail eggs this time, so we used ordinary chicken eggs.

Savoury eggs

We ran out of curry powder, so the flavour of this batch was more on the mustardy side. But everyone enjoyed them and gobbled them up.

Savoury eggs close-up

The dinner menu was chosen by Savannah: steak, sausages, salad and potato bake. Here’s a side dish of tinned beetroot.


I love corn kernels. I have little tins of them in my desk drawer at work, which I eat straight out of the tin as a snack.

Corn kernels

My plate, with no beetroot, of course! The salad was very simple but I enjoyed it immensely. I just love the crispness of fresh cos lettuce. And that’s tomato sauce. :)

My plate

We had two desserts! The first was this gorgeous creation – layers of chocolate biscuit and cream.


The second was chocolate mousse.

Chocolate mousse

Dessert close-up

And this was Savannah’s birthday cake, made by her grandma J, who makes beautiful cakes.

Savannah's birthday cake

Savannah's birthday cake

Icing butterfly

Between the layers of chocolate sponge was cream and chocolate bits. It was a chocoholic’s dream.

Savannah's birthday cake innards - with a layer of cream and chocolate bits in the middle

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