Chicken and rice, falafel kebab

We grabbed a quick dinner from the food hall at Belmont Forum shopping centre on a recent Thursday night.

Jac got herself a falafel kebab with salad and garlic sauce. It looked pretty good – they toast the bread before serving so it’s warm and crisp on the outside.

Falafel kebab

I got a chicken and rice dish from the Chinese Canton stall. They call this “hai nam chicken rice” . You get a few pieces of soya roasted chicken served on rice, with cooked vegetables, chilli sauce and chicken broth on the side.

Chicken and rice with broth

It was pretty good for a chicken and rice dish – I really appreciated the vegetables – but it was not that impressive if you compared it with real hainan chicken rice. The rice was plain steamed rice – not rice cooked in chicken stock and garlic, like you get with proper chicken rice. The chicken was tasty, but I ended up with all white meat – I should’ve remembered to ask for a chicken leg. I liked that they poured gravy over the chicken and rice – it would’ve been quite dry otherwise, especially with all white meat pieces. The chilli sauce tasted more like a watery, thin, cheap and nasty sweet chilli sauce than the gingery, garlicky chilli sauce that goes so well with chicken rice (but, as I’ve said, this was “chicken and rice”, not “chicken rice” – I knew it when I ordered it, so while I couldn’t help making comparisons to real chicken rice, I still enjoyed my dinner). I didn’t actually eat any of the sweet chilli sauce beyond the initial tasting.

Chicken and rice

The soup was quite salty but deliciously drinkable. Even Jac kept drinking my soup! I love Chinese-style chicken broth with chopped fresh spring onion in it. They also threw in a little fried onion (the almost translucent bits of brown you may see floating in the soup), which added even more flavour.

Chicken broth

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