Bangers and mash, vegetables and mushroom gravy

For dinner a couple of weeks ago, Jac cooked pork chipolatas and served them with fluffy garlic mashed potato, steamed broccolini and carrot, and tomatoes she’d panfried in the same pan as the sausages. She also made a mushroom and onion gravy.

Pork chipolatas, garlic mash, vegetables and mushroom gravy

She wasn’t that happy with how the gravy turned out, because she wanted to add some sort of booze to it, and the only booze we had in the house was sweet sherry. She gave the sherry a go, but thought the resulting gravy was just a little too sweet. She wasn’t sure if I’d like the gravy, which is why she served it in a separate dish. I agreed it was on the sweet side, but I didn’t mind, as the sweetness combined quite nicely with the salty savoury sausages… and I love mushroom gravy. :)

Mushroom and onion gravy close-up

Still more than a week to go before she returns home.

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