Bento – lamb meatballs with salad…and a new job!

My lunch is on the left, Jac’s is on the right – lamb meatballs and salad (mixed salad greens, blanched green beans, baby roma tomatoes and carrot sticks, with some green seedless grapes thrown in with the salad, and a container of aioli as dressing/dip for the vegies). You’ll probably notice that Jac only had three meatballs, while I had seven. She asked me to just give her a few meatballs – she wanted more salad/vegies for lunch on this occasion.

Hers and hers bento lunches with lamb meatballs with salad

My salad also included marinated mushrooms. They’re the Always Fresh marinated mushrooms that I like so much.

My bento lunch featured marinated mushrooms

Jac’s lunch featured marinated olives – she bought them from the deli counter at the supermarket. I don’t really like olives. Funny thing is, I did end up eating olives – Jac chopped some olives up very finely and included them in the meatball mix! I did enjoy the meatballs very much, so it looks like Jac’s discovered a way to get me to eat olives! She’s tricky, that Jac. I don’t mind as long as the end product tastes good. I like seeing how chuffed she is with her little “tricks” and “victories”. :)

Jac's bento lunch featured marinated olives

If you’re interested in where I got the bento gear from, I’ve included some information at the very end of this post, so keep reading!

This was the note I put in Jac’s lunch, featuring Bluey the blue bird…

The bento note I put in Jac's lunch box

A new job!
The note reflected my mood at the time, which was, as the note says, optimistic… buoyant… just plain happy. For those who don’t follow me on Twitter, I have some news – I’ve got a new job! I start on the 6th of April, and I’m really looking forward to it. You know what this means for the blog, of course – new places to buy lunch! I’ll still pack bento lunches every now and then, of course, but I always love exploring new lunching places (I’m sure you guys love “exploring” them with me too, via the blog). :)

About the bento gear featured in this post

  • The sauce containers (“Hello!” and “Tasty”) were purchased on eBay. I haven’t seen any for sale recently. You’ll just have to browse for them if you’re interested.
  • The little dog food pick is from JBox. It is from a set featuring five different designs, called NORI-NORI Animal Lunch Picks.
  • The bunny food pick in my bento lunch is also from JBox, from a set of 10 Animal Friends Picks.
  • The lunch boxes featured in this post are Decor Tellfresh Quarters, which can be purchased from many Woolworths or Coles supermarkets, for around AU$7.00 each. They come with four of those removable white compartments (hence “Quarters”), but I tend to only use one or two when I pack lunches.

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