Breakfast made with love

Jac recently cooked me a fry-up for breakfast, with bacon, fried egg, tomato, mushrooms and a toasted English muffin. I buttered both halves of the muffin, and spread kaya on one.

Fry-up - bacon, egg, tomato, mushrooms, English muffin

Can you tell the egg yolk was actually broken? Jac cursed herself as she placed it on the plate, as she poked it accidentally with the spatula and broke the yolk. But I tried to hide the broken yolk with strategically placed mushrooms. :)

Fry-up - bacon, egg, tomato, mushrooms, English muffin close-up

Jac didn’t feel like a fry-up* – she made herself toast and spread fresh avocado on it. The avocado is simply mashed and seasoned with salt and pepper and a little squeeze of lemon juice. As you may be able to tell (see the two pieces of toast towards the back), Jac likes her toast quite well done.

Avocado on toast

*I think she was so sweet, cooking a fry-up for breakfast for me, even though she had no intention of eating it herself. :)

PS. juicyjuicymangoes, hope you enjoyed this breakfast post as well!

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