Polling booth sausage sizzle

In May, Western Australians voted in a referendum on daylight saving*. We wandered over to a polling place in the morning, one of the local primary schools. As we approached, we smelled the unmistakable aroma of fried onions and and heard the sizzle of barbecue. Fantastic – this would be breakfast! According to the signs, the sausage sizzle was a fundraiser for the Girl Guides. We placed our referendum votes and then got in line to get a sausage and fried onions in a fresh bread roll for AU$3 each.

Sausage, fried onions and barbecue sauce in a hot dog bun

The bread rolls were lovely and soft. The sausage was juicy, piping hot and spitting straight off the barbie – I burned my tongue with my very first bite. A regular occurrence for this glutton!

Sausage, fried onions and tomato sauce in a hot dog bun

*The “no” votes won.

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