House update: settlement and settling in

There were a few unexpected dramas – things beyond our control that created BIG problems – during the settlement process which made things very stressful. But I’m happy to tell you that settlement of the sale of our old house AND settlement of the purchase of our new house went through today! :D

We got “possession prior” to settlement and moved in over the weekend. It’s a brand new house, never been lived in. It’s fantastic – easily the nicest house I have ever lived in. I still can’t believe it’s ours! I guess you’ll get to know the new house better as meals are cooked, photographed, eaten and blogged!

The cats are very well. They were a little unsure to begin with and crept around the house looking very nervous, but Billy Lee is now back to her laid-back self, sitting on her favourite spot on the couch all day, and Pixel is busy exploring everything, meowing indignantly at any door that’s closed. As I expected, Pixel will have to be taught all over again that she’s not allowed on the kitchen counter or dining table. :)

We’re still settling in, tired but happy. More soon.

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