Lunch with my PhD supervisor

The next day, I went to uni and met up with my (now ex-)PhD supervisor for a catch-up over lunch. It was great just chatting and eating and not worrying about deadlines or feedback on thesis chapters!* She ordered the roasted vegetables with chorizo and salad. Roasted vegetables with chorizo and salad

The roasted vegetables looked good, and nicely seasoned with herbs. There was potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, onion and zucchini. There was a blob of pesto in the centre, along with shaved parmesan. Roasted vegetables with chorizo and salad

Salad close-up

I ordered the chicken curry and rice. I’m not sure what sort of curry this was meant to be, but it was very tasty. In the curry gravy itself I found dessicated coconut, which gave it a delicious flavour. There was a lot of chicken, and the blob of yoghurt was cooling and refreshing. There was a lot of gravy in the serve, and I drank it all up!

Chicken curry

*Note added for clarification – “Ex-PhD supervisor” as I’ve finished my PhD. I was supposed to be graduating in September, but I’m not sure if that will happen now, due to administrative delays. I’m not fussed, to be honest.

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