A Friday night with Juji and Jay

We had a long weekend here in Western Australia in September. Jac went on a trip to Margaret River with her hockey team mates while I stayed home. I’m always quite happy to be home alone. I just do my own thing, usually spending most of the weekend sitting in my study at my computer, eating the odd meal of SPAM and eggs with rice and baked beans… :-P

When I got home from work on Friday night, Jac had already gone. My sister Juji and her boyfriend Jay came over to hang out, and Juji cooked dinner. She created a most wonderful dish with pork ribs and chorizo sausage in a spicy tomato sauce with chick peas and bacon.

Pork ribs, chorizo in tomato, chick peas and bacon

Jay spread the butter thickly on slices of fresh french loaf.

Bread and butter

That very day, I’d picked up a parcel at the post office sent to me by my friend Jet Girl. One of the things in the parcel was The Ice Cream Show DVD! :D So we all ate dinner while watcing the Ice Cream Show!*

Nom nom nom - tucking in

I loved Juji’s dish! I sucked every scrap of meat off those pork ribs. The chorizo was spicy and chewy. I especially loved the juicy tinned tomatoes in the sauce. We ate lots of bread that night, using it to mop up every drop of that delicious red sauce. After dinner I plugged my iPod Touch into the TV and we watched a few episodes of Top Chef Masters (be careful if you browse the linked site – the competition is over so you may stumble upon the result). :D

My bowl - pork ribs, chorizo in tomato, chick peas and bacon

*We also have the A Hot Dog Program and Sandwiches That You Will Like DVDs made by the same guy, Rick Sebak (See works by Rick Sebak). I love watching food videos while eating a meal! Unfortunately on this occasion we all felt like eating ice cream after watching the Ice Cream Show… but we didn’t have any in the house. Heheheh.

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