It’s like a little kid was allowed to make her own sandwich

As workmate J said, when talking about my MYO toasted wraps: “You pick funny fillings. It’s just like a little kid’s been allowed to make her own sandwich.” :D

Toasted wrap from MYO

I’ve mentioned before what my standard wrap fillings are: chicken, semi sundried tomatoes, pickles, corn, mushrooms, fruit chutney, pineapple, and sometimes green capsicum, fresh tomato or swiss cheese. I’m not expecting anyone else to like this combination!

Toasted wrap from MYO

When I was in primary school, a boy I knew liked raw onion and green capsicum sandwiches for lunch. He was the same boy who ate cat biscuits one Saturday afternoon because he was curious about how they tasted. And then told everyone about it at school on Monday. :-P Do you have a favourite combination of sandwich fillings that other people think is weird?

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