Sunday breakfast yet again

Oh yeah, and on Sunday morning before Jac began her gardening and I began working on the computer, this was our fuel: sausages, eggs, garlic mushrooms and tomato.

Mushrooms, garlic and tomato

The sausages were “heart smart” ones – they had less fat in them than normal sausages. As a result of this, they taste extremely meaty i.e. especially delicious to meatlovers. As you can see, I got two whole garlic cloves on my plate in amongst the mushrooms (I posted a close-up of them on Monday). Yummy. Note: there are three snags in the photo, but I only managed two.

Sausages, eggs, mushrooms, tomato

And for those of you who liked the look of the fried eggs last time – I took this photo just for you guys!

Perfect eggs

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