I had a very productive day working on the thesis at uni today and have decided to celebrate by blogging this evening – wooohoo! VR is cooking dinner and it should be ready soon – wooohoo!

On Wednesday evening Jac and I went out to dinner at Spencer Village. We’ve been just so busy lately and haven’t had a chance to go there in what seems like aaaaaages. We decided to have a selection of our favourites from Fook Kee. I’ve posted photos of these dishes before, so they may look very familiar!

Steamed pork dumplings (siew mai) are a must for Jac. She absolutely loves these little porky goodies.

Steamed pork dumplings

Jac also loves the popiah. I usually just have one piece (each popiah is sliced into three pieces) and leave her to demolish the rest.


I would’ve ordered my favourite of chee cheong fun, but they didn’t have any, so I got the next best thing, yong tow foo. Next time I’ll take a photo that shows you the different fish balls and stuffed tofu that are under the tofu skins (and there will definitely be a next time, in fact many, many next times!)

Yong tow foo

Here’s the chilli sauce we dipped our goodies into. It’s gingery and garlicky and really tasty. Sometimes it’s got quite a bite to it too.

Chilli sauce

I was craving glutinous chicken rice (loh mai kai), so I had one all to myself (Jac was filling up fast on those pork dumplings! I had two dumplings and she had the rest – and I shared the yong tow foo with her). Glutinous chicken rice

I also bought a serve of char tow kway takeaway to have at uni for my lunch the next day. Mmmm, it was fantastic. I could’ve easily eaten two serves in the one sitting!

Char tow kway

More coming up!

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